Moooovies & Films

We love hosting movies, supplying cows, and being a part of productions. We meet a lot of new people and learn so much every time.

Vancouver Michelin Guide (2022)

Watch from 15:00-16:45 to catch a glimpse of our farm, cows, sheep, and Farmer Matt highlighting Vancouver’s diverse agriculture.

A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado (2020)

They transformed our farm into a Christmas Tree Farm for this movie, watch closely and you’ll see one of our roosters make an appearance.

Russian Comedy (2018)

Many of our cows spent time on set for this Russian comedy. Even Farmer Matt got in on the action this time!

Signed Sealed Delivered: To the Altar (2018)

Our cow Bailey was featured in the barn wedding scene! She got to dress up for her gourmet dinner.

Signed Sealed Delivered: Home Again (2017)

Multiple days were spent filming on our farm, in our barns, and one of our houses! Many of our cows were featured, however Quinta was the star of the show. Our horse Lacey, and our calf Shane (named after the main actress of the show) were also used during filming.

Watch the trailer here!

The Pledge (2001)

Featuring Jack Nicholson, The Pledge filmed a hand full of scenes in one of the old houses on the farm. 

(0:20-0:28 is in the house)

Check out the renovations going on in the old house that was featured in The Pledge below